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Cedar Mere Riverside Thoughts, Dreams, and Memories...

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Going to the river has always been a great tradition in our family. We swim, fish, float and play in it all day long. Night moves include BBQ and roasting marshmallows, creating timeless memories for young and old.

Aunts and Uncles grow larger than life teaching us how to fish, or helping the littles make the smores. Grandparents enchant with the stories of old. Friends join in for the amazement and celebration of God's creation.

The Missouri Ozark Rivers have always been our vacation destinations for summertime floating. According to Missouri Canoe, The Big Piney River is rated as one of the best fishing streams. Of course according to our family, it also provides the best float trip!

We hang out under the sycamore and watch the river run. It seems like the world and all its troubles fade away amidst the talk of memories, hopes, and dreams. And the fish stories just get bigger and bigger every year.

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