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Cedar Mere Riverside, Bird Watching, and The Holler Boys

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

The Big Piney River has never looked more beautiful. Truth be told, I think that same thought every day I look out my window here. Then I thank God and rejoice that he blessed us with this amazing place.

Of course every season in the Ozarks has it own alluring features. But fall will have a way of painting it's own spectacular picture for us. Kayakers, fisherman, and wildflower enthusiasts are enjoying every last moment of the warm weather.

The chill of the morning caused that thick mist to rise over the river. Two grey bodied white necked birds with blueish heads are perched on the island brush. Birdwatching in Missouri is very rewarding at this time of year as they migrate to warmer places.

In the afternoon I went with the Holler Boys down the road to pick out some special river rock. Tristan and Dustin continue to work their landscape magic here at Cedar Mere with the local treasures. Each rock seems to be a masterpiece in its own right.

The RV campers are just going to love this place. Apparently, Pulaski County, Missouri is perfect for birds and travelers alike as a midway cross country stop. We look forward to serving everyone next year and helping you to create a memorable stay here at Cedar Mere Riverside.

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