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Cedar Mere Riverside: Falling For You

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Oh my. Although the colors were not predicted to be spectacular this year, it seems they are more than sufficient for our enjoyment. God just sent 3 days of rain here to soften the earth, and to enliven the show of color throughout the Ozarks.

We watch from the deck later in the afternoon until the sun is just right. The Big Piney River reflects the red, yellow, and orange leaves like a mirror over the still water. Then the whole picture suddenly changes as chilly fall breezes blow, with the birds and colorful leaves flying everywhere.

Turns out the grey bird with a tuxedo like ring around his neck was a Kingfisher. I wondered why he had such a large beak, but that became obvious when he swooped down in the river, fishing for his supper. A pair of Pileated Woodpeckers have taken up residency in the Sycamore tree and delighted the dedicated birdwatchers this year.

Looks like The Holler Boys built a tiny house next to their camper, nestled in the bluffs and overlooking the river. Their Grandpa helped them to get that wood stove up and running just in time for the cold weather. The lads work their property business by day, then hunt and fish by night for their provisions.

This week we will turn off our water and close our Private Riverside Camping Retreat until next season. But just remember, winter is always great time to plan ahead for summer fun! Check out the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau for travel tips and vacation ideas for our area.

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